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William Moorcroft: Behind the Glaze
His Life Story
by Neil Swindells
($67.50 w/Club discount)


Neil Swindells' diligently-researched book tracks William's pre-Macintyre years and the tragedies that he endured in his early life before moving on to chronicle the Macintyre era (1897-1993) itself. William's original company is now as strong as it has ever been at any time in its history. His legacy lives on, and it has survived for a hundred years. Behind the Glaze concludes with a Legacy chapter showing just how respected is the tradition of excellence started by the company's founding father a century earlier.
Moorcroft Pottery Moorcroft: A Guide to Moorcroft Pottery 1897-1993
by Paul Atterbury
($96.40 w/Club discount)
An illustrated history from the founding by William Moorcroft in the 18th century to the early 1990s.
Moorcroft Pottery Moorcroft: The Phoenix Years
by Fraser Street
($64.80 w/Club discount)
The story of the dramatic revival of England's best loved pottery; the example of company with a fine and long history, run on humane principals and prizing artisanal skills above all else, rising from the flames to enter its centennial year (1997) in full flight.
Moorcroft Pottery Moorcroft: Winds of Change
by Fraser Street
($77.40 w/Club discount)
Moorcroft Pottery Moorcroft: A New Dawn
by Fraser Street
($133.20 w/Club discount)